KAICO are introduced NHK World in the “Artisan × Designer”.

KAICO are introduced NHK World in the “Artisan × Designer”.

And is the world standard time,

(Wed) 14:30 / 18:30 / 22:30, September 04 /

September 5 (Thursday) 2:30 / 6:30 / 10:30 /


In Japan,

30 minutes Wednesday 23 時 the 4th ① 9 月

30 minutes 3:05 September ② (Thursday) morning

30 minutes 7:05 September ③ (Thursday) morning

30 minutes 11:05 September ④ (Thursday) morning

30 minutes 3:05 September ⑤ (Thursday) afternoon

7:30 Thursday afternoon, September 05, ⑥

It is aired by.

(Because may drift at variants, such as Daylight Savings Time, please understand)

Watch how as in Japan,

Streaming broadcast of the home page of ① NHK World


※ top right of the screen – NOW ON AIR]


Iphone apps and ② Andoroid, If you download the “NHK world”

View the program being broadcast is possible.

Currently, notice may be found on the program website.



A White Enamel Kettle for Keeps

Commissioned by a struggling enameling company, designer Makoto Koizumi proposed an enameled kettle that balanced beauty and functional simplicity. Koizumi wanted the kettle to be completely white, even though it was considered impossible to make enamel stick to the edges of a utensil. Artisan Taiichi Masabayashi had to buck 200 years of conventional wisdom. He succeeded, and the all-white enamel kettle has gone from strength to strength. It’s even being sold in high-end stores in the US.