FUCHU furniture

On three sides surrounded by mountains, Ashida flows in the center. Town blessed with natural, Hiroshima Prefecture Fuchu is locality.

Is that from now Genroku end of the approximately 300 years ago during the Edo period furniture making in this area has begun.

The technology is transferred unbroken, and the good of quality, I now also known across the country from the height of technology.

Basic premise of Fuchu furniture, “furniture that can be used longer in good condition.”

’30, Use the deviation without wood as use and ’40, it has been made with the finest technology.

The carefully selected raw wood that becomes the wood, it also stuck under preparation and use.

And over the years, that you lay the wood enough, taking advantage by reading quality of the wood, the color and grain,

We will continue to carefully selected the best material.

We made in the perfect Tung in rice bin. It made of paulownia, furniture for rice.

Tansu development of technology has been condensed. dovetail joint / Paulownia / engraving handle.

Since the handle are using walnut, dirt has become less noticeable.

For 5kg

寸 法 :200×400×180mm
JAN code:4560380 050003

For 10kg

寸 法 :200×400×280mm
JAN code:4560380 100005