ambai Yukitaira and egg baked glass lid Japanese-made to suit the tool of frying pan is it made in want and Looking it finds Kawamura glass crafts.
One of the few domestic ” entirely physical strengthening ” processing .
We are subjected to a curved surface to fit strengthening processing evenly of glass , less strain of reinforcement , it also has excellent heat resistance .
Knob is also used to ambai Yukitaira – egg baked frying pan ” teak ” . It is a strong durable material to water .

Glass lid For 16cm
JAN code:4560380 522166

Glass lid For 18cm
JAN code:4560380 522180

Glass lid For 20cm
JAN code:4560380 522203

Glass lid For 24cm
JAN code:4560380 522241

Glass lid Stand
JAN code:4560380 522272