YUKIHIRA pot of ambai

YUKIHIRA pot most typical Japanese style pot .

Goes to the cooking of Japan , a very functional considering the convection of heat is a Japanese fashion .

Commitment to pots and possession part of the materials and ease of use , we made the form of new snow pan that fits into modern life .

YUKIHIRA 14cmModel  :ISK-52014
Size  :305×153×100mm
JAN code:4560380 520148

YUKIHIRA 16cmModel  :ISK-52016
Size  :323×174×105mm
JAN code:4560380 520162

YUKIHIRA 18cmModel  :ISK-52018
Size  :355×195×110mm
JAN code:4560380 520186

YUKIHIRA 20cmModel  :ISK-52020
Size  :377×214×115mm
JAN code:4560380 520209

Drop lid of ambai

One of the KISO GOBOKU , using the Spanish mackerel .

In a well withstand wood to water and humidity , wood being used old well on the lid of the tree .

Cypress about not strong smell , and is used to cut rice and Ohitsu

For drop lid 14cmModel  :AK-52114
Size  :115×115×30mm
JAN code:4560380 521145

For drop lid 16cmModel  :AK-52116
Size  :130×130×30mm
JAN code:4560380 521169

For drop lid 18cmModel  :AK-52118
Size  :150×150×30mm
JAN code:4560380 521183

For drop lid 20cmModel  :AK-52120
Size  :170×170×30mm
JAN code:4560380 521206


ambai bonito box is a tool to bring out the fresh aroma and taste sharpener .Box , we used walnut with strength and tenacity in order to continue to use much.
Canna block, hard oak tree , blade chose steel “blue paper” of pleasant sound also taste of the finest when it cut the goodness of shaving condition .そしてBonito it was also accompanied holder to become also cut into small safety.It does not take place in a little smallish .
Because it is sufficient to verify the size , there is no difficulty shaving .Form is just like ” treasure chest ” .

JAN code:4560380 460062