[:en]Give hearts to “mono” ( “mono” is a product in Japanese).

This is the origin of us.

“mono” will move through the hands of people who are maker, seller, user … and someone.
“mono”, feelings of people who were involved is put.
And our role is that become a bridge of “mono” and people.
We believe that it is the essence of the distribution industry and wholesale industry.

Breathe new life into “mono” , and our role is to bridge that “mono” and customer.

We will cherish the feelings of the person who was involved.

Give hearts to “mono”,

this is,the driving force behind the breakthrough our further.[:ja]<モノに心を>が、フォームレディの仕事です。




一つ一つ息を吹き込まれて生まれたモノたちを、使い手まで 心を込めて橋渡しします。

一緒に関わってくださる方々の思いを大切に、 <モノに心を> これが、フォームレディの仕事です。